The temporary installation at the Kaai Theatre in Brussels, with the title code H.O.-R.O.-97-K.A.-P.O.-01, was comprised of a darkened space in which a single large print of a hotel interior hung on the wall. Occasionally, the image was made visible by the flickering lights of a video monitor on which indistinct sex scenes were displayed, while the soundtrack played typical sounds from a living room. The visuals were murky, but the viewer still immediately recognised their pornographic character: the typically repetitive up-and-down movement moreover produced strong fluctuations in the intensity of the light, so that it appeared as though the light switch for the space was constantly being turned on and off. Due to the combination of intimate and anonymous elements, the installation continually balanced on the line between alienation and recognisability. The project was part of the stage event Access Code 121, Up Close and Personal. Curator Agna Smisdom.