Johan De Vos

37 Notes on Interesting Lies

click doubleclick : The Documentary Factor, Walter König, Cologne, 2006 (exh. cat.)
Haus der Kunst, Munich, February 8–April 23, 2006

 Photographs are specialists as far as intimacy is concerned, because photographs are so little in themselves. They are a thing, and they don’t respond. The viewer can use a photograph uninhibitedly, for as long as he wants. There are less restraints on intimacy in a photograph. But intimacy which is too exposed appears vulgar. The photographer can give the naked girl a veil to cover herself; to make her feel protected and covered, but he can also fog the photograph. Dirk Braeckman does just that. He literally covers his photographs with a grey veil. In order to see what is on the photo, the viewer has to adjust his eyes. That’s a bit tricky, but it makes the photograph less vulgar. Once the viewer’s eyes have become adjusted, he also feels protected. It is as if the picture has become a little bit of himself and is part of his own obscurity.