Author(s): Dirk Braeckman
Publisher: Le BAL & Xavier Barral, Paris, 2014

232 × 300 mm
64 pages
32 black & white photographs
ISBN 9782365110686

The series reveal a blurred scene, where fragments of bodies, legs, arms, backs and faces come closer to one another, merge behind this grey tones without any specific purpose. The serie made from anonymous gestures brings to the surface of images the delight of a mixtures of bodies, vignettes of gatherings with no particular story.

“Above is the light, the elements, a kind of light, sufficient to see by, the living find their ways, without too much trouble, avoid one another, unite, avoid the obstacles, without too much trouble, seek with their eyes, close their eyes, halting, without halting, among the elements, the living. Unless it has changed, unless it has ceased. The things too must still be there, a little more worn, a little even less, many still standing where they stood in the days of their indifference.” Samuel Beckett, II, Texts for Nothing and Other Shorter Prose, 1950-1976