Author(s): Dirk Braeckman
Publisher: Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2011

250 × 290 mm
384 pages
ISBN 978 90 77459 67 6

This Roma publuction remains the most extensive publication of Dirk Braeckman’s work. As Braeckman explains in the introduction of the book: “(…) we discovered a large number of ‘new’ images – images that had never been printed. Detached from the context in which I had made them, they could be viewed anew and forge new connections. A number of these discoveries are included in this publication. From a physical perspective, they have yet to achieve definitive form. Ordinarily, the work exists first, and is published at a later date. Here, the reverse is true in some cases. Certain works exist only on the pages of this book, untitled, without dimensions – I may produce them as prints at some point in the future. This publication is, therefore, an autonomous instrument. It presents a state of affairs: extant and unprinted works, in whatever form, without conventional themes, periods or sequences. As such, this publication is a cross between an artist’s book and a survey publication. And I feel right at home with this synthesized form.”

With essays in English and Dutch by Martin Germann and Dirk Lauwaert. Design: Kim Beirnaert.