The House of Our Fathers. Dirk Braeckman & Jan Lauwers

Author(s): Jan Lauwers
Publisher: MER. Paper Kunsthalle, 2017

405 × 540 mm
24 pages (Swiss binding)
Black & white photographs
ISBN 9789492321510

This outstanding volume is the trace of an immersion by Dirk Braeckman in the performance The House of Our Fathers by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany at the Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen, Hannover, 2013.
The photographs having passed Braeckman’s dark room, the images, often starting from the same negative, start to compose a universe beyond the event’s registration.
With the boldness of a painter sketching, Dirk Braeckman has set up a series of which this volume can be considered the opening dance.